On February 3rd LCS students were treated to a visit from the infamous Reptile Man, Michael Shwedick from Reptile World !

Michael Shwedick, aka “The Reptile Man”, has came to LCS to introduce our students to the fascinating world of reptiles. As one of America’s leading reptile wildlife educators, Michael’s program has educated and entertained more than 15,000 audiences from Miami to Boston. Reptile World has been featured in magazines like National Geographic WORLD and in hundreds of newspaper articles throughout the country!

K4- 5th graders learned about God’s creatures such as Little Alexander the Great Big Alligator Snapping Turtle, a beautiful Yellow Anaconda named Jade, a Python named Banana Boy’s Brother (aka Triple B), a Mexican Beaded Lizard named Pepito, 2 Mexican Milksnakes named Lipstick and Chapstick, an African Nile Crocodile named Kuki (pronouced Cookie)! And the venomous Copperhead snake which can be found in Prince George’s County!

Thank you to Mr. Micheal and his team for allowing us to see these wonderful creatures up close and personal!

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