In response to the panademic and in the best interest of the health of our students and staff, Lanham Christian School created a flexible hybrid on-campus/distance education plan for the 2020-2021 school year. This flexibility will provide individual families the option of making independent choices for the health and safety of their students. 

To maintain academic continuity in a flexible hybrid system, teachers have developed comprehensive lesson plans and projects, and have made our educational content available in a digital format. To make this shift, LCS has equipped each student with their own full sized 7th Generation iPads that are pre-loaded with all the software necessary for students to have a successful school year.

students on LCS issued ipads

This year, each teacher has intergrated Google Classrooms into their lessons to ensure all of our Lanham Lions are recieving streamlines assignments and assessments, engaging their classmates, and interacting as a community during this time. Also, through the use of apps like, IXL,, and, our Elementary students can continue building their reading, math, critical thinking skills, and writing skills.

Third Grade Teacher Mrs. Richardson

Our Middle and High School teachers have stretched their creative teaching skills by staying contact with their students through Google Classroom, Instagram, Facebook posts, Google Meets and Zoom meetings, personal YouTube videos, and Facetime 1-on-1 Lessons!

Mrs. Beltré conducts a lesson with her Middle School Class

Thank you to the BEST Teaching Staff ever !

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